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Leann-Beads is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive lines of beads jewelry available anywhere in the world. We carry all types of beads available on the market, and a select line of exclusive jewelry as well. You are sure to find the perfect piece from our selection.

If you are considering a simple gift of beads jewelry, whether for a loved one, friend or yourself, consider a bead-bracelet or necklace. The versatility of a bracelet can complement the most formal of occasions, yet wears just as easily in a casual setting. We offer a range of choices, in nearly every color, and every type of bead.

An essential piece of pearl jewelry in every woman’s wardrobe is a beautiful bracelet or necklace. You can wear our jewelry everyday, in any setting.

The full bead set is likely the most versatile of all our jewelry collections. Most of our sets are comprised of a necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet. Together, they are three separate pieces of jewelry, which can be worn together in a full bead ensemble, or individually to complement a particular day’s style.

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